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ARNICA oil and Devil's Claw (Hypericum and Centella) 100 ml


Designed for pre and post sports activity, Arnica Verdesativa oil is composed of a rich and effective mix of vegetable oils and extracts used to soothe osteoarticular pain and inflammation caused by microtraumas and intense sporting activity, and to facilitate the ecchymosis absorption. Arnica Montana has known pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties and facilitates the resorption of swellings due to traumas such as bumps and falls. The Devil's Claw has analgesic and protective effects for cartilage and joints. Centella Asiatica improves venous circulation, while Hypericum performs a healing, antiseptic and re-epithelising action. The presence of hemp oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil gives this product remarkable emollient and moisturizing, nourishing and protective qualities against unfavorable external agents, leaving the skin silky and soft. Finally, the orange and citrus essential oils, thanks to the relaxing and dermo-purifying qualities, give the skin brightness and a deep feeling of relaxation. Arnica oil and Devil's Claw Verdesativa is indicated for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Pleasantly scented with a mixture of essential oils, with well-known balsamic and invigorating properties, for the restoration of the state of well-being. It leaves no traces of grease.


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