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Bio Dermo Liquid - Sanitizing - with Antibacterial


Gentle sanitizing detergent, totally natural, with antibacterial effect. Suitable for the whole body and the private parts of adults and children as an alternative to normal bubble bath. The oils of Tea tree and Sage present in the formula play an effective antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory adjuvant action also for the daily hygiene of pregnant women, the elderly, long-term patients, infants and children. Chamomile, Hemp and Aloe give a soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant effect, help protect the natural skin barrier and prevent dryness of skin and mucous membranes. Biodermoliquido Antibacterial is suggested for its sanitizing and antimicrobial action, also for use in rest homes, nurseries, gyms, swimming pools, beaches and clinics. The low foaming and the dermocompatibility make this product suitable for frequent use on the whole body. Format of 500Ml


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